These programs do not require prerequisites and are open to everyone, from divers to snorkelers to simple sea lovers!

Marine mammals ecology program

Are the ocean and the animals living in it your passion and do you want to contribute to their preservation?
Does the thought of diving with whales fascinate you? Do you want to learn more about the ecology, biology and conservation of marine mammals?
The SSI Marine Mammal Ecology programme introduces you to the wonders of these incredible creatures.
Dive into the world of whales, dolphins and seals to explore this incredibly diverse group of marine animals.
In this programme you will discover what distinguishes marine mammals from land mammals, where they live, explore their physiology and how to identify different species.
You will also learn about marine mammal conservation, a great way to help save the ocean.

Marine Turtle ecology program

Sea turtles are some of the most fascinating animals to dive with.
You will want to dive with them even more after completing the SSI Sea Turtle Ecology speciality course!
This speciality programme provides the knowledge and concepts needed to recognise and identify common sea turtle species.
It teaches you about the fascinating history of sea turtles, their role in marine ecosystems and threats to their survival.
Once completed, you will receive the SSI Sea Turtle Ecology Specialty certification.

Coral ID ecology program

Coral reefs are highly valued by divers, and rightly so; drift diving on a healthy reef full of vibrant marine life is something magical.
These precious ecosystems are fascinating, and the SSI Specialty Coral Identification course is the best way to learn more about coral reefs and get the most out of your dives.
In this specialty course you will learn how to identify different corals and earn your Specialty SSI Coral Identification certification.

Sharks ecology program

In the SSI Shark Ecology programme, you will learn how to interpret shark behaviour, why it is often misunderstood, and how to dive with sharks.
This is a perfect course for shark enthusiasts and divers who fear sharks but want to overcome their fear.
Upon completion of this course, you will obtain your SSI Shark Ecology Specialty certification and no doubt become an avid shark diver.

Manta & Ray ecology program

Join the Specialty SSI Manta and Ray Ecology course and you will learn how to dive with stingrays and recognise their different species.
You will be taught how rays contribute to the preservation of ocean ecosystems and why these precious animals need our protection.
Upon completion, you will receive your SSI Manta & Ray Ecology Specialty certification.

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